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What is Mixing?

Mixing is the stage where all of the recorded audio is combined to form a balanced piece of music or audio. This is where we make your demo recordings sound like a ‘Record’. The process involves balancing the individual volumes, dynamic processing, equalization and automation. Using state of the art digital and analogue equipment, your mix will be as competitive as the material heard on radio

How Do I Book A Mixdown

Send us a brief description of the project and what is required from our Contact Page

What Files Do You Need For The Mix?

  • Send the individual audio track stems of every channel in your session
  • File format: 24  bit Stereo Wav 44,100 Khz (or whatever sample rate you recorded in)
  • -3db of headroom
  • Bypass any Master Bus Compression / Limiting / EQ / Widening

How Do I Send You Files?

Use our premium  account to send file’s to us faster

How Long Till I Get My Mix

Your mixdown will be delivered in 3 days.


recording studios london


recording studios london hip hop rnb pop grimeWorking on music for TV means that deadlines are more important than ever. Hot Money Studios were able to mix my instrumentals in time and on spec. This landed me a placement on ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’. – Lucky G (TV/Film Composer)