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What is Mastering?

Mastering is the stage where we enhance the volume, width and overall excitement of your track. This will result in a radio ready CD Quality file

How Do I Book A Mastering

Mastering sessions are unattended. Send us a brief description of the project and what is required from our Contact Page

What Files Do You Need For Mastering?

  • File format: 24  bit Stereo Wav 44,100 khz (or whatever sample rate you mixed in)
  • -3db of headroom
  • Bypass any Master Bus Compression / Limiting / EQ / Widening

How Do I Send You Files?

Use  to send files to us at info ( @ )

How Long Till I Get My Master

Your master will be delivered in 2 days after delivery of your unmastered files


recording studios london


recording studios london hip hop rnb pop grimeI’ve been coming to Hot Money studios for about 3+ years now and I have NEVER left the studio disappointed. I’ve actually never written a review either but this is an exception because the recommendation/review is deserved. VERY Professional, great space and a delightful friendly service with a true understanding of each individual and their required sound and needs. – Aina More (Rapper/Singer)